Hello and welcome to our goals section – a dedicated corner where we chart the course to online business success through effective goal-setting. Beyond dreams, these goals are your roadmap to achievement. Think of them as your guiding stars – setting targets, measuring progress, adjusting course, and celebrating milestones. Whether you’re starting your online venture or aiming to elevate it, these goals are your compass.

In the upcoming chapters, we’re diving into each aspect of goal-setting, providing practical insights, relatable examples, and actionable steps. Brace yourself for a journey where we help you transform aspirations into attainable milestones, giving you the tools to steer your online business towards the pinnacle of success.

Medium Term Goals – Diet and Fitness

Ok, so, now we’re getting serious. Medium-term goals and short-term goals are very different animals. Well, yeah, they take longer! Duh! Ok, smart Alec… it’s not just that. The biggest difference with medium-term goals is that the payoff, the reward, is not instantly visible. What does that mean psychologically? Well, some people call it belief, …

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Short Term Goals – Learn How To Cook

Ok, let’s go a bit deeper into this. One of the best recommendations I can make to you, if you want to understand, and get good at setting and achieving short-term goals, is to learn how to cook. Why, you may ask. Well, it contains all the fundamental principles of successful goal setting. Let’s look …

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What Are Goals?

Something you want. Something you need. It’s ok to dream, but if you want to have what you dream about, put a measurable value on it and make a plan of action in order to get what you want. Sounds easy right? How Long Will It Take? These are your goals and the timeframes below …

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What Will Stop Me From Reaching My Goals?

OK, so you finally sat down, made a list, set some goals, made a task list and you’re chomping at the bit to get started. Exciting times. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned. Hey, I’m not hoping you fail… I’m just saying. Like Mike Tyson says, “Everyone has a plan till they get punched …

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Why Should I Set Goals?

For me, personally, this is the most important page in the entire site.Without a why, what’s the point? Why bother getting out of bed? Zig Ziglar explains it as two different types of people:Wandering Generalities and Meaningful Specifics. I think you can figure out which one sets goals. Why Play? Let’s say somebody removed the …

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How Do I Set Goals Step By Step

Just like writing a book, you start with a first draft. This is you just getting the first things that come into your head, out of it, and onto the page. Go wild, don’t hold anything back. Go off on tangents, and remember the dreams you had of being an astronaut, ballerina, or football player. …

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How do I Set Myself Up For Success with Goal Setting

Like anything… there are things you can do to set yourself up for success. With Goal-Setting there are no hard and fast rules, but there are guidelines. There are things that will definitely help you succeed, and there are things that will help you fail. Here’s a few pointers to get you started: Mindset Your …

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