What’s This All About?

Welcome to FindMyCave.com, where the journey to personal growth and financial freedom begins with practical, no-nonsense strategies. In a world filled with empty promises and exaggerated claims, we’re here to cut through the noise and get straight to what truly matters – empowering you to harness the potential within yourself and build a thriving online income.

Gone are the days of sifting through hyperbolic schemes and vague self-help advice. At FindMyCave.com, we’re dedicated to delivering actionable insights that bridge the gap between self-improvement and online income generation. Our mission is simple: to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and motivation you need to embark on a transformative journey toward a more fulfilling life.

It’s time to break free from the cycle of empty endeavors and take control of your future. Through our carefully curated resources, proven techniques, and a community of like-minded individuals, you’ll find yourself equipped to not only discover your true potential but also monetize it effectively in the digital landscape.

The cave is inside all of us, but somehow we lost our way.

Join us on this expedition of growth and financial empowerment. Explore the genuine path to making money online, fueled by self-improvement in all its facets. The adventure begins now – seize the opportunity, embrace the possibilities, and start your journey towards a brighter, more prosperous tomorrow with FindMyCave.com. Your dreams are within reach – it’s time to make them a reality.

So, How Are We Gonna Do This?

Everybody’s Different, Right? So it stands to reason that there should be more than one approach to this.

My Way

My personality, developed partly by nature, and partly by nurture (heredity and environment) same as every other human being, has made me, in my opinion anyway, slightly different than everyone else. There are a few hangups, a few good and bad experiences, questionable choices and associations along the way.

But isn’t that what we all think? Exactly. Everybody’s the same. And different.

So, my way is quite blunt, straightforward, with very little embellishment, hyperbole, or however else you wish to describe it. I will get to the point, practically, caveman style. Why use 100 words when you can use 10? So you will see this approach as part of the site, mixed in with everyone else, it will appeal to some, not to others, but isn’t that how life works?

Other Ways

For the more patient, reasonable, educated, analytical, spiritual, alternative, loopy, cynical, untrusting, creative, forward-thinking, living in the past, or however else you may see yourself, you should find something you can relate to here also.

I will sometimes present ideas as lists, sometimes as very detailed articles, and sometimes as whimsical stories using cavemen, elves, shopkeepers, housewives, and various other entities, in order to appeal to different types of people, in order to get the point across. To make you think. These ideas are NOT NEW. These ideas have been around ever since people have been around.

So, don’t worry if one style of communication doesn’t fit with your worldview. Dig around, explore. We are all heading towards the same place. Improvement. Something better. If you don’t see your style, then maybe you should become part of our community and add your style to our collective consciousness… oh yes, I forgot to tell you, I also like Star Trek so you may see a few of those references also.

There will be articles that analyze, review and compare different ideas, concepts, approaches, tools, skills, and methodologies. There will be opinions from different people and even the odd article generated by robots… that’s how I think of AI anyway. But you should understand, there are a lot of ideas, and a lot of information out there, so if AI has been used in an article, it has been for the sole purpose of generating ideas. Every article has subsequently been edited, tweaked, checked for accuracy and relevance, and then modified by a human to fit in with our message.

Why did we make findmycave.com and what are you likely to get out of it?

The concept of the cave has been modified several times throughout the development of this project. Some or all may still apply, again, it’s very subjective.

In one iteration, the cave was the destination for an MMORPG or role-playing game-type quest. The cave was the location of the treasure and you would need to complete certain quest elements to fill up your skills and backpack along the way. As I love the games like Skyrim, Dungeons and Dragons, and Lord of the Rings it seemed like a good idea at the time. I might sneak a few bits in here and there along this theme, just to have some fun.

But, this is not about me.

We settled on the Cave being something we all have, and that’s our minds. My entire belief system revolves around taking personal responsibility, so getting ourselves right first is paramount to the success of anything we wish to accomplish… so with that in mind, as we look into our respective caves… There’s some darkness and some light. Maybe a few bats.

We are going on a journey together to find it.

There will be a few thoughtful questions and exercises to clear mental obstructions from our path. But this will be mostly practical, strategic, challenging, helpful, and rewarding. We will get our minds right, set some goals, learn some skills, and make some money along the way.

If you’re up for the challenge

We will help you to change your life. Help you to Improve your life. The way you feel and think about it. Increase your goal-setting abilities, mental focus, decision-making, creativity and productivity, analytical skills, business development processes, and financial management. In business, you get ahead either by increasing the profits, reducing the costs, or a bit of both. It’s the same with people: First, we figure out our starting point. We may need to clear out a few cobwebs (and possibly batshit, sorry, guano) before moving forwards, But we’ll get there.

Practical Matters

Each section will have articles, from many different perspectives. But we all know, thinking doesn’t make it so. DOING SOMETHING DOES. So once I’ve sold you on the idea of doing something, or you sold yourself, we need to move it along to you actually doing something. We’ll also approach this from different angles. There will be worksheets, tasks to perform, feedback to give, courses to complete, and even personal coaching and consulting services as we progress deeper into the cave.

Money is just a by-product, a way of keeping score. You get paid when you help enough other people get what they want. When you build something in a fundamentally correct way, with good products, services, and systems, the right types of customers. With good people around you. We’ll build it right. We’ll build you right. For the right reasons. No point in losing yourself in the process. Still got to look at yourself in the mirror. Every day.

But you didn’t tell me what to do yet.

That’s the easy part. The tricky part is figuring out your reason why? What will get you out of bed, motivate you, and inspire you? That’s what makes us special.

Then we’ll start putting it all together.

Are you ready to go on a journey?